Locksmith’s usage agreement

Before installing, here’s what you need to know.

Locksmith lives in your Online Store theme.

  • If you need to remove Locksmith from your Shopify apps list, make sure to disable it first, to let Locksmith clean up its theme code. Learn more
  • Locksmith does not work with other sales channels (e.g. Buy Button).
  • Locksmith cannot protect cart permalinks, and may not protect against some bots.
  • Locksmith may not work with some custom search or filtering apps.
  • Apps like Locksmith make stores ineligible for the Shop app. Learn more

Locksmith’s pricing is Pay What Feels Good.

  • We’ll auto-suggest a price based on your store’s Shopify plan.
  • If that price doesn’t feel good to you, read lightward.com/pricing, then get in touch. :)

We’ll always do our best to help.

All of these are items are important. We’ve kept it brief – to learn more, read the annotated edition.

Last updated 2024-01-18